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#DiscoverYourself pt. 2

Assalamualaikum, Yesterday, my university in Malaysia invited the international students to go to Malacca~ I have never been to Malacca before, so I was pretty excited, because Malacca is known for its historical places, and I love historical places. It took roughly around 2 hours to get there by bus. At first, when I entered … Continue reading

True success

Assalamualaikum, “Do you find it hard to not compare your rezeki with others?” That is the question that I received from my dear friend. It got me thinking, ‘Is it hard? Do I always do that?’ I think that, in this life, we cannot escape from being compared. It happens. If not from your own … Continue reading

The moment I knew.

Assalamualaikum, In my earlier posts, I have mentioned something about me supposedly going to China for my Discovery Year programme. Let’s talk about that. But first, let’s talk about me choosing Biology as my major. but why As a college student, I chose Maths, Chemistry and Geography in hopes of becoming a Geologist. My passion since I … Continue reading


Assalamualaikum! I’m sorry for not updating my blog for a few weeks. Things have been really chaotic, and I was really busy preparing for my Discovery Year. What is Discovery Year, you ask me? Well, every third year student in my university will have to go out of the university (unless the placement is in … Continue reading

Science-minded INFP

Assalamualaikum I know, i know, it’s one of those i-am-an-infp-rant…again. Bear with me. I just discovered another part of me, and I’m excited and happy, so I want to write. hehe Anyway, this afternoon, I was ‘researching’ about the cognitive functions of INFP, and found out that my inferior function is extraverted thinking (Te). Since … Continue reading

It’s a part of me.

I am not an open book, what you see is not what you get. Trying to figure out me, is like trying to solve a puzzle, my mind is scattered in a thousand pieces, but if you are willing to take your time to fit the pieces together, there is a big picture.   I can’t help it. As … Continue reading

The Protector

Assalamualaikum, this is just a quick update. I just feel like sharing this. If you haven’t known already, my sister is a baker. She runs a business, selling brownies, cakes, cookies and more. So, this morning, she had to bake to sell in an expo in Mall. Her baby who is one year old plus … Continue reading


I’ve recently just finished reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and I’m currently reading Auggie & me, which is an expansion of Wonder. I honestly did not know what to expect from this book when I bought it. But once I read the first few pages, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s very rare … Continue reading


You are a good company. Tiny, but mighty. Thin, but strong. When talking fails, you make it possible for people to share their stories.   Without you, we could never know our history. Through you, we could stop time and capture our memories in a single sheet of paper.   You are a pen. You … Continue reading

One fine day.

It was the first day of college. The bell rang; it was time for Math. I entered the classroom, silently hoping for the class to end fast.   Scanning through, I found an empty seat next to you. I felt an instant connection in our first conversation. You see, I was never much of a … Continue reading

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